[Etoys] BUG: Squeak-3.10 VM and ubuntu

Markus Schlager m.slg at gmx.de
Thu Mar 5 13:40:05 EST 2009

Hi Jan,

I do know, this is the wrong mailing-list for this issue. Maybe someone 
could do me the favour and forward this mail to the VM mailing list.

Problem description:

When running squeak with a Squeak-3.10-VM (tested with 3.10-1 and 
3.10-4) an ubuntu hardy, it is not possible to close squeak by closing the 
squeak-window with Alt+F4 nor with the x-icon. It doesn't happen anything. 
This is a real Problem when running Scratch on Linux, since this is the 
only way to close a Scratch.

When will Squeak-3.10 get included into the ubuntu-repositories? 
Squeak-3.9-VM doesn't handle unicode properly.

  Markus Schlager                  m.slg at gmx.de

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