[Etoys] repairs for one vertex polygons

Jerome Peace peace_the_dreamer at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 1 17:43:49 EST 2009

Hi Yoshiki & crew

Attached are some repairs for handles that prevent the errors antonio ran into. 
These are essentially from my polygon work for 3.9/3.10.2. They leave out the curvier repairs and just focus on the handle repairs.

I also noticed that arrow prototypes and triangles allow for deleting vertices but then prevent anyone from adding vertices back. So when you get a polygon with just one vertex it will be forced to stay that way.

This is not a problem for closed polygons except for triangle prototypes which aquire a special property to prevent additions. It is a problem for polygons that are open.

So I modified addHandles to allow a triangle handle for one vertex polygons. I also modified setVertices: to remove the special property when any polygon gets down to one vertex. That seem to me less limiting that the current case.

Looking at triangles and how simple and elegant they look with handles, it seems to be it might be nice to give the users a choice whether to have the triangle handles show or not. A second menu item perhaps

show move handles
show edit handles

(with the check boxes in front as you do now).

It might even be pleasant if the move handles refrained from deleting themselves if the edit handles were not present. Then triangles would stay triangles etc.

That was too much of an enhancement to force on these repairs, but the thought has now come up :) .

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace

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