[Etoys] Can we turn an animation into a gif file?

Karl Ramberg karlramberg at gmail.com
Sun Jun 21 08:27:47 EDT 2009

On 2009-06-16 11:24, antonio wrote:
> Thoru Yamamoto created this tool:
> http://www.languagegame.org:8080/zoo/243 (look for ToyAnimGIF)
> This one and ToyPoser are very interesting for students, so we use 
> modificated versions of it (ToyAnimGIF had a litle problem) at our 
> classrooms.
> You can read about the tool:
> http://squeak.educarex.es/Squeakpolis/150
> download the image for test it:
> http://squeak.educarex.es/Squeakpolis/uploads/128/EducarexSqueak.image.tar.gz
> download the debian package:
> http://linex.educarex.es/linex/pool/linex/squeak/squeak-educarex_20090428-1.tar.gz
> or download the -litle older- win version:
> http://squeak.educarex.es/Squeakpolis/uploads/9/SqueakEducarex2008.exe
> Thoru made a good job, and our work is open source, of course.
> Cheers
There are some really fun and useful tools here !
  I think we should consider some of these for the Etoys image

I like that default left button on background is SelectionMorph.
I like the ToyCutPaperPalette, lots of options to grab parts of images.

And the ToyPuppet and ToyAnimGif are also cool. ( a few rough edges 
could be ironed out )


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