[Etoys] broken links

Angel Arias futuhat at gmail.com
Wed Jun 10 05:54:35 EDT 2009

hi bert!

this is what i do...

> i attach an USB device [memory stick, in this case] to the OLPC-XO. all my projects and media files live in the memory stick so i save all my work there. so there is a bunch of sounds and movies linked to projects using the absolute path [e.g.] "/media/"USB_device_name"/"file_name.wav". i have to say that [for simplicity's sake] projects and its media files live in the same folder.

> then i move projects and files to my computer [a macbook, in this case] and save them in my default "Etoys" folder ["/Users/"my_account"/Documents/Etoys]. i know now that this is the first place where etoys.app look for lost media files.

> so i open the project. open the media object's viewer and change its file name in the "movie control" panel. i change the absolute path ["/media/"USB_device_name"/"file_name.wav"] to a "relative" one ["file_name.wav"] and that's it.

i know it's not rocket science but it does the job.



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