[Etoys] SQ-154: Added changeset for the NavigatorBar show/hide buttons

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue Jul 7 13:38:32 EDT 2009

On 07.07.2009, at 19:07, Scott Wallace wrote:

> On Jul 7, 2009, at 4:24 AM, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>> On 07.07.2009, at 06:25, Scott Wallace wrote:
>> On Jul 5, 2009, at 11:09 PM, Milan Zimmermann wrote:
>>>> Sorry for the delay, please let me know if it works for you,
>>> Works great.  Maybe we can get this out the door!
>> Works. But:
> Thank you for the valuable testing, Bert!
>> 1. The icons are swapped. In other Sugar activities the outward- 
>> facing
>> arrows mean "maximize my work area", the inward-facing ones "shrink
>> back to regular size".
> Aha!  My mistake.  I had assumed that the outward-facing arrows meant
> "maximize the nav-bar"...

Not unreasonable either :)

> I've posted a fresh version to JIRA now, with this fixed.  (CAUTION:
> Jira has its own ideas about the order in which to present the
> attachments.  The latest version is "showNavBarCtl-sw-mz.7.cs".)

>> 2. The "hide nav bar" and "show nav bar" tiles only appear when
>> searched for, not in a category.
> With "eToyFriendly" on, these are visible in the "display" category of
> the world's viewer.  Perhaps these should always be available rather
> than under the control of eToyFriendly?  Opinions?

No opinion.

> BTW "search" always returns all hits, including those not normally
> shown when eToyFriendly is turned off...

didn't know that, cool trick ;)

>> 3. If I choose "use default gray look" from the nav bar halo menu and
>> then click the nav bar toggle, the bar shrinks in size and turns
>> green. Same behavior actually for "default green look". Also, after
>> changing the color manually it goes back to green when toggling.
>> Interestingly, this works correctly in the Sugar/OLPC image (I assume
>> because there the toolbar height does not change). So maybe if we
>> configure the regular image to always use the thick toolbar (as we
>> discussed, along with large fonts, pop-up arrows etc) the problem  
>> will
>> resolve itself.
> Yes, I observed the same set of phenomena.  The "showNavBarCtl-sw-mz.
> 7.cs.gz" that I just posted to JIRA theoretically enforces the thicker
> nav-bar at all times now, and preserves the user's color settings.
> Tested briefly in both squeakland-configured and olpc-configured
> images.  Does not at this point automatically switch the color back to
> gray from whatever it was, but if you have a green-configured bar and
> you manually change its color, the change should now stick...

Looks good. Push it.

- Bert -

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