[Etoys] Mimetype support in JournalMorph

karl ramberg karlramberg at gmail.com
Sat Jan 24 07:37:27 EST 2009

I'm slowly progressing on JournalMorph for the XO. I'm wondering now
what mimetypes/fileformats it would be most useful to support.

png, jpg, gif, bmp for pictures.
ogg, aif, wav, spx for sound. What about mp3 ?

Etoy projects could be shown.

What are the text formats we support ?

I will support just png for picture saving, best overall, preserves tranparency.

Video support is lacking at the moment. Only format working is the
Squeak jmv format I think?

What about gstreamer ?

My idea for the JournalMorph is to view/access the XO Journal as a
Holder in Etoys so items can be added, shown and played. Contents can
be filtered so it can show only sounds for example.


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