[Etoys] Too clever

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Thu Jan 15 08:54:09 EST 2009

Turns out the flap in the new release (4.0.2205) does not update its  
version string, it still shows 2201. Digging around for the cause I  
found the World's script1 which has a line to update said version  
string in the Squeakland release but not in mine. I didn't ever notice  
that script before ... (and I might wish I had never laid my eyes on  
it, it's seriously too clever). Just copying the flap from the  
Squeakland project to the OLPC project was not clever enough OTOH, so  
I'll have to do another release.

Is there anything else someone noticed in this version we should fix  
before re-releasing?

- Bert -

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