[Etoys] PolygonMorph

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Thu Feb 26 02:30:50 EST 2009

At Thu, 26 Feb 2009 08:19:15 +0100,
antonio wrote:
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> Hello,
> Sorry, I´m not sure if this issue is opened on the TRAC:
> etoys-dev-4.0 till 2206 cs,
> etoys mode,
> object Curve (basic categorie) is a PolygonMorph,
> an instance show a vertices count=3 by default, but if you try to modify this number the PolygonMorph does not
> understand makeVertices:

  I consulted with Hayashi-san, who added the tile features to
PolygonMorph.  The thing is that the PolygonMorph's expects that
"vertices count" is a read only property, but the later change that
StarMorph enhancement brought in affected it and changed it to a read
and write property but didn't add necessary code to support it.

> with "remove all vertices but cursor" sometimes I get an evaluationError and sometimes I get a PreDebugWindow also
> PolygonMorphs have an intensive use from tecnologics users!

  This "sometimes" you wrote is tricky!  Can you tell us how 
would one reproduce the error?

-- Yoshiki

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