[Etoys] 2 button mouse confusion

Simon Guest simon.guest at tesujimath.org
Wed Feb 11 22:06:06 EST 2009

Hi Bert,

I'm not really qualified to "review" this change, but as far as I can
tell in running it in my image (EToys 3.1 on Windows), it makes the
right button handling much more intuitive.  If the VM is set correctly
to use 2 button mouse (i.e. not 1 or 3), then as far as I can see we
don't need the fix.  But in its default configuration, it's set as a 3
button mouse, and then your fix enables users such as me with only 2
buttons to access both context menu and halos nicely.



PS: My original problem was that I didn't know about a VM setting for
number of mouse buttons. 

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