[Etoys] [Localization] Issues concerning translation

Séverin Lemaignan skadge at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 02:47:14 EST 2009

Hello Markus,

> A solution would be to provide some information about "context" of a
> string to be translated. This is a feature gettext and pootle are capable

I fear that's not the only problem: some strings are unique in English
(ie occur only once in the .pot template) but have different
translations in other language. We need not only informations on the
context (class>>selector info is already present in the .po) but as
well a way to distinguish in the Squeak source between "top
[menu-entry]", "top [script-tile]", "top [somewhere-else]", etc.
And I'm not sure it can be easily solved (since it's the same in
English, each of these "top" would always appear as 'top'.translated
in the source and thus generate only one entry with Gettext. Or maybe
Gettext has disambiguation mechanisms?).

Have a nice day,

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