[Etoys] Issues concerning translation

Séverin Lemaignan skadge at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 16:05:12 EST 2009


I'm currenly reworking the French translation, and I noticed several
little annoyances:

First, some strings not present in the POT template. Are the
"translated" message missing in the source? I provide below the
incriminated string, as displayed in English (with the correct case).

- "fix layout" in the halo menu for the script editors,
- "Script Editor"
- "Forward direction (hold down shift key and drag to change it)" on
any green arrow,
- "Etoys Activity" in the Sugar navigator
- "PaintBox"
- "GStreamerPlayer"
- "A ChessMove"
- "translucent" and "no color" in the color chooser panels.

I'll very probably discover other ones later on.

Then, I've some trouble with certain strings, used both in the viewer
categories and in another place. For instance, the string "restore
base graphic" is present in the viewer category Graphics and in the
object context menu. I would like to translate it differently in both
case (for instance, capitalization and infinitive in the menu
(->"Rétablir l'apparence initiale"), and third person of simple
present in the viewer ("Sketch. reprend l'apparence initiale").
Another annoying case: top, bottom, left, right. When I want my user
to choose a position for a flap for instance, I need to translated it
"En haut / en bas / à gauche / à droite". In the category "Geometry",
it's simply "haut, bas, gauche, droite".

Any suggestion to improve these localizations issues?


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