[Etoys] Reorganizing the viewer panels

K. K. Subramaniam subbukk at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 10:14:26 EST 2009

On Monday 09 Feb 2009 7:34:32 pm Séverin Lemaignan wrote:
> It would be nice to alter the default viewer layout for certain
> objects. Last time I had a look at it, I couldn't figure out any
> obvious way to do it...
The categorization is arbitrary and more of an artifact. What you really need 
are the tiles. I simply dup the category panel into the world (halo-click 
twice on category panel to get its halo and then dup it into the world).

I use 'close' on the halo to get more space on the world and then delete it 
when done.

HTH .. Subbu

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