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On 2009-04-24 23:13, Jerome Peace wrote:
> Hi Karl,
> --- On Fri, 4/24/09, Karl Ramberg<karlramberg at gmail.com>  wrote:
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>> Subject: Re: [Etoys] alpha property
>> I think this would be a nice addition to the Etoys image as
>> well, with some needed integration with Etoys.
> It is the etoy integration that is the problem.
> Look at how etoys handles things.
> Etoys has hobbled itself to avoid some bugs with translucency.
> First it comes up default with a 16 bit display.
> At that depth no translucency can be shown.
> Switching to 32 bit depth can correct that.
> But it doesn't help.
> Sketch morphs have slots for the original form.
> and a rotated form.
> The last is the original form processed by the rotation/stretching/scaling that has be done to the sketch by the handles.
> It is the rotated form that actually gets displayed.
> In the processing the form is forced to be depth 16.
> So you will never see translucent sketches
> even if the base graphic and original form are translucent.
> This is what stumped me.
> Work arounds are hard to come by.
> An ImageMorph is the other way to hold a form for display.
> It was designed to be simple and does not allow direct scaling.
> Etoys makes it very hard to get an ImageMorph and has no natural way for putting an image into one.
> That leaves putting an image in a BitmapFill.
> This might work but not from tiles.
> And it is questionable to put time into development
> when the mindset is hide faults by hobbling the languages abilities.
> As you might be hearing from my tone, I am somewhat disappointed.
> Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace

Uh, I did not know this...
Well, I guess it should be posted as a bug/enhancement project on the 
bug tracker.


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