[Etoys] Etoys-based activity

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Fri Apr 10 04:32:41 EDT 2009

On 10.04.2009, at 07:15, Milan Zimmermann wrote:

> On April 9, 2009, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
> >
> > It could have full Sugar interaction. From time to time I do explain
> > how to access the Journal from Squeak, that could be used to save/ 
> load
> > state. Same for network collaboration.
> >
> > If you are interested we can work on extending the FreeCell activity
> > together. Like adding Journal save/resume.
> That would be good - both accessing Journal and network sharing are  
> of interest to me. Journal Save is a good start I think. Step one  
> for me, if you have have some pointers to Squeak code that interacts  
> with Journal so I can look at it first, please let me know. Or  
> comments on steps to start We could document the steps on Wiki if  
> others are interested.

That would be good, yes. First you have to understand how Sugar works.  
Read this, in particular the Datastore section (but skim the rest too):


After that, maybe this makes sense:


- Bert -

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