[Etoys] Sound in SoaS

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Thu Apr 9 07:30:53 EDT 2009

On 06.04.2009, at 06:41, Milan Zimmermann wrote:

> - [Etoys-Sugar-0.84-OLPC] Soas-2009040110. Played on OLPC from a  
> stick. No sound .using either -vm-sound-OSS or vm-sound-ALSA in /usr/ 
> bin/etoys. This seems problem with Sugar, not Etoys. The driver is  
> loaded yet I do not hear any sound in any Sugar activities.
> http://tracker.squeakland.org/browse/SQ-214

I tried SoaS-beta in VirtualBox on a Mac (it still does not boot in  
VMWare Fusion). Had to add a sound adapter when making the VM, it was  
not added by default.

There was no sound in Speak, nor in Etoys.

BUT: In the Terminal activity, "aplay /usr/share/sound/alsa/ 
Front_Center.wav" did play fine, so sound *is* working. The same  
command did *not* work on a Linux VT console, neither as root nor as  

The Etoys log file had the known "soundStart: snd_add_pcm_handler:  
Function not implemented" message. So I added the -vm-sound-OSS  
workaround to /usr/bin/etoys and then sound in Etoys played fine.

No idea about Speak though, there was no error in its log file.

- Bert -

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