[Etoys] Adding item in the Supplies flap

K. K. Subramaniam subbukk at gmail.com
Sun Sep 28 14:34:52 EDT 2008

On Sunday 28 Sep 2008 2:18:47 pm Hilaire Fernandes wrote:
> I would like to add permanently a Drgeo icon in the supplies flap.
> I can do this dragging a DrGeo canvas into it, but when switching to
> another langage it is gone.
> How to do it permanently?
Add an entry in Flaps Class >>defaultsQuadsDefiningPlugInSuppliesFlap.

The Flaps class has a dictionary called FlapsQuads. The value at key "PlugIn 
Supplies" contains an ordered collection of quads. Each quad <classSymbol, 
prototypeCreator, label, help> specifies a prototype displayed in the flap.

I haven't figured out how to add prototypes to this flap dynamically. Even if 
the registered collection is modified, some methods like 
reconstructAllPartsIcons, that is called when you switch language, 
reinitialize it to default values :-(.

HTH .. Subbu

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