[Etoys] NOSifying etoys.image

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Mon Sep 22 09:37:54 EDT 2008

I'm happy that my little machine helps :)


On Sep 22, 2008, at 1:55 AM, Gerardo Richarte wrote:

> Hi all (hi Hilaire :)
>    I'm interested in making bootable (SqueakNOS) the standard
> etoys.image from the OLPC.
>    The process of NOSifying a somehow modern .image is easy:
>    Just load FFI from universe and then load SqueakNOS from  
> Monticello:
> MCHttpRepository
>    location: 'http://www.squeaksource.com/SqueakNOS'
>    user: ''
>    password: ''
>    Save the image, and reboot with it (copy it to the root of the USB
> drive as SqueakNOS.image)
>    I have tested this with several images, and it works. But with
> etoys.image it doesn't work. I've tested this on the OLPC and on a  
> real
> PC and VMWare. In all the cases I've got the same result (if you are
> familiar with the image, which I guess):
>    The car is moving around the screen, but the screen is not properly
> redrawn (it only get's redraw when the car passes over somewhere), and
> the keyboard and mouse don't work (that's my problem). I tried to nail
> down the problem, but couldn't so far.
>    One of the problems I had to overcome is to load FFI into the  
> image.
> Apparently the base .image used is too old for the versions of FFI I
> could find. I solved this using partial fileout-fileins, bit I'm not
> sure if I did it properly... I have many questions and possible future
> directions, but lets just start with the basics:
>    What version of Squeak is etoys.image based on?
>    What are the chances that I can get the same, but based on a newer
> image?
>    If anybody is interested in giving me a hand here, I'll help you  
> get
> started with SqueakNOS, and from there it'll be just Squeak as you are
> used to it.
>    richie
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