[Etoys] New release candidate

Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at sympatico.ca
Sun Sep 7 07:38:12 EDT 2008


I ran a fairly quick test, it looks really good, the few problems there were a 
few weeks ago are fixed. Found one problem (reported on trac). 

As a sidenote, tested closing/reopening the lid when running eToys, the  
system goes to hibernate and back very nicely, could not trick it to do 
anything weird, although i seemed to manage to hang eToys once after 
hibernate wakeup. Overall this seems to be best behaving hibernate on a 
laptop with Linux (or maybe any OS - but that is the system rather than 

Tomorrow I'll test some more complicated eToys stuff  (project import export, 
building a bigger script) and report if any problems, 

On 2008 September 4, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
> Hi folks,
> OLPC just made a new release candidate (8.2-759). This contains the
> latest Squeak VM and Etoys updated to 2126. Most of our remaining high-
> priority bugs should be fixed by this release (*).
> This Etoys version might be (hopefully is) the final one for this OLPC
> release cycle, and it also matches the upcoming new Squeakland
> release. So please test this version and if you find severe bugs,
> please report them as soon as possible.
> Thanks!
> - Bert -
> (*) If you are interested in the changes, look for the %changelog
> sections here:
> http://etoys.laptop.org/srpm/etoys-3.0.2126-1.spec
> http://etoys.laptop.org/srpm/squeak-vm-3.10-3olpc10.spec
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