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Rita Freudenberg rita at isg.cs.uni-magdeburg.de
Fri Nov 28 09:01:58 EST 2008

Marta Voelcker wrote:
> Rita,
> thanks for your reply,
> Nice to know that you are considering to come!
> We could think together how to organize some new kind - more interactive
> workshops - maybe for a happy hour -or one afternoon - 
> I participated in a conference in Costa Rica, last April - there was one
> moment called " Café with researchers" they organized 2 researchers and a
> translator per table together with 10 local students - we had coffee and an
> casual conversation - each table had specific theme and researchers from
> different countries... I am sure you have other experiences ... we could
> think about some interactive moments...
That sounds very interesting! What I liked very much at the Scratch 
conference in July were the kids on the first keynote. That was such a 
motivation for every researcher and teacher! I would like to do 
something like that at Squeakfest, maybe with the kids from Luciana de 
Abreu Elementary School? What do you think?

> Vielen dank!
> Marta
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> Am 23.11.2008 um 06:11 schrieb Marta Voelcker:
>> Randal, Jecel and all,
>> June is also possible, but, I was thinking how Smalltalk Conference  
>> and how  FISL atmosphere relate to the Squeakfest that I had in mind  
>> (similar to Chicago 2007)...
>> I have limited experience, but the way I see things, the currently  
>> biggest challenge for E-toys growth is not on its code, is not  
>> related to software, but to teachers and schools reps. It is related  
>> to communicating what for, and how to, use it inside schools.
>> In this context, making a metaphor with sports, let's say... with  
>> NBA - I see the developers/programmers as the wise and experienced  
>> coaches, and I see the  teachers as the players. They are those who  
>> score, who make it happen inside the classroom - I would like to see  
>> them becoming the stars, shining in this context!
>> The name Squeakfest made history already, and so we plan to keep it,  
>> but in fact, the idea is not about squeak-the programming language-  
>> the idea is gathering together to share experience and plans  about  
>> E-toys.
>> Talking about e-toys I am particularly motivated about 2009 - the  
>> landscape had never been so proper to make it growth. Taking growth  
>> as explained by
>> David Cavallo's in his paper - Models of growth — towards  
>> fundamental change in learning environments - ... as the terms  
>> replication and scaling are themselves problematic and misleading.   
>> I see 2009 proper for growth because OLPC has already delivered XOs  
>> in schools in many countries; technology price had go down also in  
>> developing countries…    But schools  will need initiated teachers,  
>> teachers active in e-toys community, to make it happen.
>>  Maybe,  relating Squeakfest with a big  software conferences might  
>> scare teachers…
>> In the other hand, making Squeakfest  close to an IT for Education  
>> conference (WCCE) is probably going to increase attendance of  
>> teachers and people from education area.
>> Let me know your thoughts,
> Hi Marta,
> I agree with you that the main focus of Squeakfest should be the  
> teachers and educators. In this context I would think July is easier  
> for teachers because of the summer holidays, which in most countries  
> will have started in July (as far as I know). What you think about  
> Squeakfest sounds very inspiring! Please let me know how I can help  
> you with planning.
> Best regards,
> Rita
>> Marta
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>>>>>>> "Marta" == Marta Voelcker <marta at pensamentodigital.org.br>  
>> writes:
>> Marta>  It is time to continue to plan and decide things about  
>> Squeakfest
>> Marta> 2009. My colleagues and I have been talking and we are  
>> enthusiastic to
>> Marta> hold a gathering in Porto Alegre on July 23rd to 25th  
>> ( Thursday to
>> Marta> Saturday).  Another International Conference about IT for Ed  
>> - WCCE
>> Marta> -world conference in computers for education is going to take  
>> place
>> Marta> near Porto Alegre in the following week - July 27th to 31st.   
>> We
>> Marta> thought that some of the people coming for Squeakfest would get
>> Marta> interested in attending WCCE and vice versa.
>> Please also note the addition of an entire 3-day Smalltalk Mini-Conf  
>> within
>> FISL 10, a mere three weeks earlier within the same city!  How much
>> smalltalking can Porto Alegre handle? :)
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