[Etoys] etoys.spec: changes needed for inclusion in Fedora

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue Nov 18 16:23:04 EST 2008

On 17.11.2008, at 23:46, Gavin Romig-Koch wrote:

> I have been making changes to the etoys.spec file, so that EToys  
> might get included into Fedora.  The attached patch to git:// 
> dev.laptop.org/projects/etoys are the changes that I believe are  
> necessary to propose EToy's inclusion in Fedora.
> If you are willing to accept these changes into your git repo, then  
> I can simply use your spec file and SRPM as the ones submitted to  
> Fedora.   If not, that's OK too, I'll just host them somewhere else  
> pending inclusion into Fedora.

That's great! I'll put it into the repo of course. Any reason why the  
desktop file should not be in the source tarball?

- Bert -

PS: We're try to unify the various spellings of Etoys as "Etoys".

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