[Etoys] squeak image sometimes takes very long to be responsive after XO suspend

Ties Stuij cjstuij at gmail.com
Fri May 16 07:50:21 EDT 2008

Hey dear lists,

We at OLE Nepal have some trouble with squeak images coming out of XO suspend.

Basically when coming out of suspend, the Squeak process takes up lots
of cpu power and can be unresponsive for about a minute on build 703
(other builds not yet tested).

Also we loose sound. Which sometimes comes back after a while. Either
on it's own or perhaps because another application is opened. This
could be a coincidence though.

Especially the unresponsiveness is a problem, because it messes up the
classes. Typically a teacher will explain a concept after which the
students will do an activity for a short while. After which they will
close the XO again to go on with the rest of the course. The XO's
can't stay open because they are to distractive and because they eat
battery power, and perhaps take up to much space (the benches these
children work at are tiny). Having to either wait for the activity, or
restart the image (or XO, whatever the child feels comfortable with)
kills the flow, and the children get very impatient.

Any pointers to the cause and/or solutions would be greatly
appreciated. I'll add appropriate tickets to trac shortly.


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