[Etoys] Another experimental version of OLPC image for non-XO environments

Korakurider korakurider at gmail.com
Wed May 14 15:11:45 EDT 2008

On 5/13/08, Yoshiki Ohshima <yoshiki at vpri.org> wrote:
> > For the records, in the version of windows vm bundled, there is
> > not-yet-annouced-widely useful enhancement to trunk version.
> > (I think we want to merge them to trunk and document it at squeakvm
> > site) .  That can expand some variables in
> > SecureDirectory/UserDirectory settings in etoys.ini :
> >
> > + %MYDOCUMENTS% will be expanded to actual "My Documents" directory
> > for current user.
> > + Environment variables in SecureDirectory setting can be expanded now.
> >
> > Bundled etoys.ini would be good starting point to learn the functionality.
>  Yes.  Thank you for pointing it out.  I think that the latter is in
> the SVN tree on squeakvm.org, but not the former.
     I mean that traditional squeak.exe win32 vm don't have the enhancement.
     The enhancement has been commited to trunk about 4weeks ago.
     And we can know exact version of etoys.exe only by binary compare
with other from known source ;-), that is problem, I think.

> > Yoshiki,
> > The version of VM bundled have a known problem :
> > %MYDOCUMENT% is expanded with backslash terminated.
> > (I think Squeak part should handle it appropriately)
> > I came to know it seems fixed in the latest stuff on svn/installers
> > when I built plugin installer by myself and test it last night.  You
> > might want to check it out.
>  These two binaries are exactly same as far as I can tell with the
> "cmp" command.  Can I cause an error case in some way?
   ok, I believe you :-)  I can't reproduce the error on font loading,
 but I saw another instance tonight (error on accessing resource map).
 I am trying to make case right now.


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