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karl karlramberg at gmail.com
Tue May 13 08:35:51 EDT 2008

Here is a little workaround the issue that script can only have one 
instance of a script open: a updating screenshot morph.
 From the script menu you can get a screenshot of the script, and it is 
stepping so it changes when the script changes.



karl wrote:
> I've started a attempt to make Literate Etoys inspired by Literate 
> Programming and Active Essays. This to make it easier to clarify the 
> intent of the different scripts, document the project and hopefully help 
> users or students get a overview. 
> It will have made a automated way of inserting ScriptEditors and text 
> fields into a ScrollPane or a BookMorph.  The first script attempt  adds 
> a ScriptEditor for each script to a Playfield.
> Then I realized that the ScriptEditor got pulled of the Playfield and 
> into the world if I opened the script from the Viewer.
> Now I wonder if there is a way to keep two version of a ScriptEditor in 
> sync, one in the Playfield or documentation and one in the world ?
> Ideas and suggestions are welcomed
> Karl
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