[Etoys] etoys image freezing?

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Sun May 11 22:34:13 EDT 2008

> I then loaded the 101 or so code updates that come from pressing the 
> 'load code updates' button on the desktop. Then I saved the image (from 
> the button on the desktop)

  Ok.  Do you have the correct EtoysV3.sources file, yes?

> Then I went to FileDirectory startup and changed the following line
> self setDefaultDirectory: (self dirPathFor: SmalltalkImage current 
> imageName)
> to
> self setDefaultDirectory: '/Users/home'
> and did Cmd-s (to accept) and entered my initials.
> Then after then leaving the browser and going back to the desktop and 
> opening a workspace, I've found several times that Squeak is frozen.

  - Is it really after you save the image and relaunch it?  FileDirectory
    class>>startUp won't have any effect until you manually execute it
    or restart the image.

  - Do you have write permission to the directory?

And the biggest question is:

  - *Why* do you want to change the default directory in that way, not
     just copying the .image and .changes file to the directory?

> >   - "Accept anything" means a method?  What method for what class?  In
> >     a workspace, you mean to evaluate "do it"?
> >   
> But, also, I've also found that after making the change in FileDirectory 
> as described above, I can freeze Squeak if I open a text file outside of 
> Squeak and copied and paste a few lines of code from that file to a 
> workspace.

  Let us solve one problem at a time.  So please explain the reasoning
behind of the change first place.  Without chainging the #startUp
method but just open a workspace, does your image freeze?

> Option-clicking on the workspace and accepting the code seems to lead to 
> a freeze. I'm not sure if I _should be doing this (accepting in a 
> workspace .... ). I know this would be different than selecting 'doit'.

  Accepting a workspace has an obscure effect but you usually don't
have to care it at all.

> But I also found too that without the "copy/paste from an external file 
> series of steps" that changing (in a workspace) this line
> SampledSound playSoundNamed: 'this'
> to this line
> SampledSound playSoundNamed: 'fox'
> is freezing Squeak.

  Did you actually evaluate these expressions to play the sound?  What
is your VM and what is your platform?  Does your system have the
proper sound system and Squeak VM is using a right driver?  At some
old time, Unix VM did freeze the image when trying to play a sound and
when the sound driver wasn't available.

> and started again (and then again) with fresh files to which I added 
> Squeakland.app and then downloaded the 101 or so code updates.

  But you did change a crucial method, yes?

> > There may be a problem but I haven't seen it with the latest updates.
> > Can you elaborate a bit?
> >   
> If I'm not giving you enough information let me know and if they're a 
> specific sequence of steps I should try, let me know that as well.
> Thanks very much in advance.

  I tried to change the startUp method on my computer and it doesn't
freeze my image (as it shouldn't) there is still something missing.
Hope you explain it in a way that somebody else can reproduce...

-- Yoshiki

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