[Etoys] [ANN] Squeak/Etoys OLPC page available

Robert Hirschfeld robert.hirschfeld at gmx.net
Fri May 9 07:32:22 EDT 2008

Hi Karl --

Thanks for the info.
We'll look into that...


Karl Ramberg wrote:
> Robert Krahn wrote:
>> Dear all --
>> We released a new student project today. It is a implementation of the 
>> game Pipes - nice graphics, really addicting and a lot of fun to play :-)
>> It can be downloaded 
>> from http://www.swa.hpi.uni-potsdam.de/projects/olpc/. 
>> <http://www.swa.hpi.uni-potsdam.de/projects/olpc/>
>> Have Fun!
> Hi, Robert
> Thanks for all the nice games you guys produce.
> Pipes works nice on my windows machine, I'll have to test it on the XO, too.
> BlockAttack do not work on my windows machine. It seems to have some 
> issues with path names to image files with forward and backward slashes.
> Karl
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