[Etoys] Packaging Etoys for other platforms

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Thu May 1 23:41:01 EDT 2008


  We've been delaying the action a bit, but we have been making the
Etoys distribution for non-XO Linux, Mac, and Windows.  Now our team
got some traction and trying to package it up sometime soon.  The
package will be based on the latest OLPC Etoys image, but with some
different settings and preferences, basically.  (We'll soon make an
early access versions.)  The version that will be distributed from the
Squeakland web site will be this version; so that the Etoys users on
XO and Etoys users on other platforms can send compatible projects.

  We would like to include good translations in the package that makes
sense to do so.

  Some languages require additional fonts, or different settings.  For
these languages, the community should consider to make a re-packaged
version with some modifications.  (The Japanese community, for
example, has been doing this successfuly for several years.)

  At the same time, for languages like German, the community has been
doing great to keep up with the translation effort.  (Even with
unfortunate glitches!)  And it doesn't need too different settings
from English one, it is a good candidate to include.

  For the non-XO environments, these are typically at schools and they
often cannot easily update files once installed.  So, we decided to
make a package that is intended not to be updated often.

  ... So, if you like to get your language translations included in
the package for non-XO environments, please try to update the
translations in "a few weeks".  (This is what VPRI does so may not be
able to deliver on time as promised, but we are trying.)

  Thank you!

-- Yoshiki

  (Later on, we might work on some incremental updater but not this

  For the OLPC XO, we are planning to revise the image and
translations and release new versions relatively frequently.  There
will be deadlines like Update.2, so we try to provide better versions
for them.  That includes new translations.

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