[Etoys] Animations in Squeak/Scratch and Flash

Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at sympatico.ca
Mon Mar 31 19:34:01 EDT 2008

>   Hello,
> > >   BTW, the "LearniT" animations are fun to watch and have hip style,
> > > but to see that some people think they are good for "education"
> > > (implies that they are informative and teaching something) gives me a
> > > strange impression.
> >
> > Oh I agree with you, absolutely. The animation is very cool but not very
> > useful as explanation how to use mesh networking, in fact confusing at
> > least to me. I was talking about the general idea of hijacking the
> > interest in things Flash and convert it to eToys. As far as i know, Flash
> > is beeing taught and used in North American High Schools in "computer
> > technology" type classes, presumably for it's popularity and coolness
> > factor - would be nice to have that railroad available :)
> On 2008 March 28, Yoshiki Ohshima wrote:
>   And of course I wasn't implying that you think like that!  

:) Well I was mostly trying to perform a sort of a marketing role. Flash is 
exteremely popular and does certain things well, and it would be good to be 
able to do them well also in something like eToys on XO (on top of those 
things that eToys can do for education that Flash can not). In a way it 
reminds me about 5-6 years ago I tried to make a simple etoys game with my 
kids (they wanted to make a game) and realized there was no eToys way to move 
an object using keyboard keys. Something that (I assumed) every kid would be 
looking for was missing.

>   Yes, I 
> follow these emails on devel@ and other lists and there is a need for
> content making in general.

I agree (educational) content is the most important thing. Off topic, I would 
think OLPC proponents should stress things that are not about computing, cool 
(and no doubt useful) things like mesh networking, etc, but content delivery. 
Although it will take time for content to be created, and everything is 
complicated by language bareers etc. 

>   And, I think it should be possible to make such contents on XO.
> Otherwise, the work flow is like some people make them in Flash/Flex,
> etc. and have them consumed by others with XO.  This is another point
> it seems to be missing to me in the discussion.

yes... I worked on a contract a few years ago for a major content provider for 
North American schools, they started provide online content for school tests, 
and the decision was between Flash / Javascript / OPenLaszlo. Due to populism 
and popularity of the above, suggesting eToys did not go far, and it would be 
too bad if creating majority of XO content would not be done using XO tools 
such as eToys. 

> -- Yoshiki
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