[Etoys] [squeak-dev] etoys performance problems

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Thu Mar 27 17:46:43 EDT 2008

> > Another strategy to trimming down the image size is using a compressed
> > sound format. At the moment we use wav for sound right? If I'm wrong,
> > excuse me, but I haven't had time to investigate the matter to
> > thourougly. Anyways, since a number of activities have quite a few
> > samples in them, ranging from short utterings to long sentences, it
> > would be very worth while if we could use a compressed format. From
> > the mailinglist I read rumours about Ogg plugin and a gstreamer
> > plugin... Is it already possible to use Ogg files in Etoys? If so how?
> > I'd already be happy with general directions.
> >   
> You have to load this fix to get the SoundLibraryTool access to file 
> compression:
> https://dev.laptop.org/attachment/ticket/5353/SoundLibraryCompress.10.cs
> Select the sound in the tool, bring up the halo menu and compress it 
> with gsm, ogg or speex codec

  Sorry, I wasn't following the ticket closely.  This seems to be good
for inclusion.  Also, you can choose the compression when recording
from the sound recorder.

-- Yoshiki

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