[Etoys] etoys performance problems

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Wed Mar 26 06:35:11 EDT 2008

On Mar 26, 2008, at 9:28 , Hilaire Fernandes wrote:
> As a concrete simple example, how can I examine the content of this
> project file http://swiki.ofset.org:8000/super/36 (produced with a 3.8
> image)?
> It use 3 graphics and I am really curious to know what inside  
> the .pr file.
> The info I got from the .pr is:
> hilaire at tice:/tmp$ file ENGRENAGE4.001.pr
> ENGRENAGE4.001.pr: gzip compressed data, from FAT filesystem (MS- 
> DOS, OS/2, NT)
> Once gunzipped, I can't examine the content...

Why not? After gunzipping, you can inspect what is in it:

(FileStream readOnlyFileNamed:'ENGRENAGE4.001') fileInObjectAndCode

You get an ImageSegment containing 9195 objects with 250 outpointers.  
The objects have these classes:

(arrayOfRoots collect: [:each | each class]) asBag sortedCounts

  a SortedCollection(1176->Point 1146->Association 1121->Array 908- 
 >Rectangle 589->MorphExtension 555->Color 519->IdentityDictionary 434- 
 >Bitmap 342->TableLayout 342->TableLayoutProperties 328->Float 326- 
 >ByteString 167->SimpleBorder 141->Morph 139->ImageMorph 134- 
 >StringMorph 90->EventHandler 78->TileMorph 72->TilePadMorph 51- 
 >AlignmentMorph 42->PhraseTileMorph 39->SketchMorph 38- 
 >OrderedCollection 36->IconicButton 33->UpdatingStringMorph 32- 
 >CompiledMethod 24->SimpleButtonMorph 21->AssignmentTileMorph 18- 
 >DiskProxy 17->WeakArray 13->StepMessage 12->ScriptEditorMorph 12- 
 >ScriptInstantiation 12->TickIndicatorMorph 12->LinedTTCFont 12- 
 >UpdatingSimpleButtonMorph 12->UpdatingThreePhaseButtonMorph 12- 
 >UniclassScript 12->ScriptStatusControl 11->ScriptActivationButton 9- 
 >SlotInformation 9->ByteArray 6->Form 5->TTCFont 4->TranslucentColor  
4->ShortPointArray 4->ActorState 4->TTGlyph 4->PasteUpMorph 3- 
 >MorphicTransform 3->Metaclass 3->MethodDictionary 3->ColorForm 3- 
 >TransformationMorph 3->ScriptNameTile 3->ColorArray 3- 
 >ClassOrganizer 3->ThumbnailMorph 3->NumericReadoutTile 3- 
 >ViewerFlapTab 3->LayoutProperties 3->WatcherWrapper 2->MethodContext  
2->Heap 2->Dictionary 2->DamageRecorder 2->HandMorph 2->BlockContext 1- 
 >Player78 1->LocaleID 1->Player79 class 1->ChangeSet 1->Player78  
class 1->MouseEvent 1->WorldState 1->TranscriptStream 1->Project 1- 
 >Set 1->UnscriptedPlayer 1->LargePositiveInteger 1->Player77 class 1- 
 >Player77 1->MacRomanInputInterpreter 1->Presenter 1->Player79)

Or you could have a look which forms are in the segment:

arrayOfRoots select: [:each | each isKindOf: Form]

#(Form(197x132x16) ColorForm(443x444x8) ColorForm(152x152x8)  
Form(287x287x16) ColorForm(287x287x8) Form(152x152x16) Form(9x11x16)  
Form(443x444x16) Form(9x11x16))

These appear to be your 3 gears as originally imported (the 8-bit  
forms) plus the same but with a painted dot on top (the 16-bit forms).

And so on.

- Bert -

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