[Etoys] Missing Strings for Localization?

Gerhard Steiner gd.steiner at gmx.at
Tue Mar 11 11:07:39 EDT 2008

 > > Is there something I should have checked before sending these message?
 >  > Maybe I have missed something and just didn't get these strings
 > > into my system?
 >  German PO seems to have a few strings marked as fuzzy.  Fuzzy string 
doesn't appear in compiled MOs.
 >    So you should review and finalize them (e.g. clear fuzzy)

The etoys.mo has been compiled from an actual etoys.po from Pootle (3660 
strings all without "fuzzy"). The resulting etoys.mo has been copied 
into the german lang- directory in my local  etoy-directory.
I can see the translation strings from pootle in an running etoy-image.
The squeak/etoy language-editor for says: "4526 phrases 2371 translated 
2155 untranslated". The translation strings from pootle doesn't show up 
in the internal language-editor. The translation strings from the 
internal language-editor doesn't show up on pootle.
What's the best way to merge these translations into one single german 
How to resolve conflicts between these "versions" and bring them back up 
to pootle?
>>  + POT is generated in build process and registered to git, as Bert 
>> explained.
>>     You could check if the string missing in PO is missing in newer 
>> POT also.
>>     If there is in newer POT then wait for next merge.
>>     In theory, Pootle will merge newer etoys.pot to all of PO.
>>     But it hasn't been executed for several months because
>> etoys.pot/po are too big for Pootle to process.
>>     Admins are working to fix it, so stay tuned... 
When will that happen?
>>  + If the string is actually missing in POT then changes to squeak
>> code will be needed,
>>     So  please fill ticket on trac about the missing string.
best regards
Gerhard Steiner

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