[Etoys] Tiles for changePixelsOfColor:toColor

Christophe Rhodes csr21 at cantab.net
Sun Jun 29 18:01:29 EDT 2008


[ I'm a novice at Squeak and Etoys, so please forgive me if I get some
  terminology wrong.  I hope my basic question will be clear. ]

My basic question is about how to create new tiles for the Viewer.
Specifically, I'm interested in having some tiles in the Viewer to
allow scripts to use changePixelsOfColor:toColor, because I think that
that would allow for visualization of internal state of a morph
without having to create one costume for every state.  (The use of
setGraphic: is reasonable for two-state systems, and a bit tedious for
more complex ones, I think).  I also am hoping in the process to learn
more about how to implement custom viewer tiles and how the system
hangs together.

So far, in my attempts to make these tiles appear and work, I've found
the additionsToViewerCategory* classes and wordingForOperator:
selector, and added relevant clauses there.  I've also found the
colorComponentPhraseFor: selector, and worried that there are more
dragons here than I might be able to cope with.  I'd very much
appreciate pointers on how to get started this kind of development, or
a recipe for performing this kind of extension, or just telling me
that it's way too hard and that I shouldn't even bother trying.



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