[Etoys] How to translate with context for Etoys

Korakurider korakurider at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 08:43:01 EDT 2008

> P1)
>  To introduce #translatedInContext: (or like that) and manually
> specify context.
>  May be standadizing of how to express context would be needed.
>  KDE folks have the syntax for this objective.  Markus Schlager
> proposed how to
>  express context for strings in user interface. (I will forward his
> proposal in another mail)

Here is excerpt from the proposal by Markus Schlager. (Thanks!)
I thought a bit about message-context and what causes mainly the problems
within our German translation:

In order to develop a consistent translation, we set up a couple of
translation-rules we'd try to respect as far as possible. Those are rules
for capitalization and grammar - depending on where a msgid is used.

Basically there are three 'contexts', we use (or we would like to, if it
was possible):

A message could appear
a) on a scriting-tile
b) as a menu-item
c) within a (balloon-)help-text

For example, the string 'find' (or 'find sth.' in case c)) would get
translated as
a) 'suche'
b) 'Suchen'
c) 'Sucht etw.'

Our rules basically say:
a) scripting-tiles like teachers would like to have them at school
b) menu-items like users are used to from other programs
c) help-texts with correct German grammar

Hence the difficulties we are facing would get eliminated almost
completely if there were these three 'contexts':
a) scripting-tile
b) menu-item
c) help-text

IMO one advantage of such contexts is that they are about functionality
and not at all about semantics. In order to set them, a developer doesn't
need to have any insight into semantics or specific properties of numerous

What do you think? Should I propose this on etoys- or localization-list?
Is this reasonable?


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