[Etoys] QuickGuides available as a .pdf file

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Sun Jun 15 07:03:17 EDT 2008

On 15.06.2008, at 08:53, Ted Kaehler wrote:

> Folks,
> 	Inside Etoys, if you click the Help icon at the upper left of
> the screen, you get a flap with the QuickGuides in it.  Each
> QuickGuide tells how to do something in Etoys.  Kathleen Harness is
> the author of these excellent guides.  Editorial and technical
> assistance were provided by Kim Rose and Ted Kaehler.
> 	Besides being inside every copy of Etoys, the QuickGuides are
> also on the web at http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Etoys_QuickGuides_Index
> 	Now, the QuickGuides are gathered together in a single .pdf
> file.  This allows you to download them all at once, print them, or
> copy them to other media.  Get the file from
> http://wiki.laptop.org/images/8/81/The_Etoys_Quick_Guides.pdf
> 	I hope that the QuickGuides .pdf document is useful.

Are you sure you uploaded the right PDF? This looks like nothing more  
than a web page printed as PDF, which is not too useful, since one  
could easily print the html page directly.

Now if it was arranged so that 4 guides are on each page, if there  
were page numbers and a table of contents, that would be useful.

What would be even better (though much more work indeed) is to create  
a PDF directly by exporting the guides as PostScript, not take the  
bitmaps. That should considerably reduce the size of the PDF and have  
a better quality (at least in the parts where actual morphs embedded  
instead of screen-grabs of them)

Unfortunately the PostScript exporter never worked really well, so the  
current results (after patching it to work at all) are somewhat  
unsatisfactory, see attachment. I exported one book (a guide with 4  
pages) as PS and converted it to PDF using Preview.app on my Mac.

- Bert -

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