[Etoys] [Etoys-notify] Hidden alignment?

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at squeakland.org
Wed Jun 11 14:59:20 EDT 2008

On Jun 11, 2008, at 3:02 AM, antonio wrote:

> Sometimes children do this:
> 1.- Introduce a ScriptingTileHolder (from GoldBox) in a script
> 2.- Include there some orders...
> 3.- create a copy of the STH with the green button from halo (with  
> the intention to use it in another script) and throw it in the world  
> (by the moment)
> 4.- open this new script a throw the STH copy inside,     then...    
> in the same place where the copy was, it appear a transparent  
> Alignment object!.

Hi, Antonio,

Thanks for this report...

We'd really like to get this fixed, but I'm having some difficulty  
reproducing the problem, so perhaps you could provide a little more  

a.  The ScriptingTileHolder is a wrapper that is only placed around  
tiles which are dropped on the "desktop" rather than being inside a  
script.  So please clarify what you mean in step 1.  If you obtain  
anything from the GoldBox, it's going to be a real tile, not a  
ScriptingTileHolder.  There can never be any ScriptingTileHolder  
inside a script.

b.  If you *do* have a ScriptingTileHolder (dark green border around  
some other tiles) on the desktop, you cannot do any manipulation  
within its contents -- all you can do is "pick it up" and drop it  
somewhere; if you drop it anywhere within an actual script, the tiles  
being held by the ScriptingTileHolder get deposited into the script,  
and the ScriptingTileHolder itself, its work done, vanishes.  Since no  
modifications are ever allowed to a tile that is currently "wrapped"  
within a ScriptingTileHolder, it's not clear what you mean in "2.-  
Include there some orders.".

c.  Regarding your step 3 -- Are you really creating a copy of the STH  
-- i.e., do you really have a STH on the desktop, with dark green  
border, on which you bring up a halo and then duplicate it with the  
green handle?  Or are you perhaps using successive halo-clicks on some  
tile *inside* a Scriptor to try to get a halo around some actual tile  
(and if so, where did the idea that it was a ScriptingTileHolder come  

In trying to track down the problem you describe, I did once actually  
see a "transparent Alignment object" that satisfies your description,  
so I have little doubt that a real issue exists -- I just can't seem  
to isolate it, so perhaps you could help!


   -- Scott

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