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antonio antoniomoreno at edu.juntaextremadura.net
Tue Jun 3 06:13:52 EDT 2008


I have done a partial clean, now:
6250 strings (50 without translation yet)

I can translate this 50 ones but I don't know how in a hurry we are, all
of us have a lot of job.


El mar, 03-06-2008 a las 09:59 +0200, José Luis Redrejo escribió:

> 2008/6/2 Yoshiki Ohshima <yoshiki en vpri.org>:
>          Hello,
>          We are still trying to package the Etoys for non-XO
>         environments,
>         along with, of course, for XO.
>          Currently, end of June is the *real* target of release day of
>         non-XO
>         packages.  The idea is to put relatively small set of
>         languages in it,
>         and it looks like English, German and French are most complete
>         ones.
>         (Thank you!)
>          But, for the US audience, (new world's) Spanish is also
>         important.
>         And Portugese (br and pt) seems to be fairly good to me, but
>         of course
>         I can't tell the quality right away.
>          Can you help us giving the information of the translation
>         quality
>         and completeness for these languages?  For the non-XO
>         environment, we
>         will not have good font rendering mechanism other than what we
>         have
>         now, so still the main target is the Latin languages.
>          The completeness doesn't have to be so close to 100%, as now
>         many of
>         the phrases are not for Etoys (rather for the Smalltalk
>         development).
>         But we would like to hear the opinions of the native speakers.
>          Please visit
>         https://dev.laptop.org/translate/
>         and see how far the translation are going in terms of quality
>         and
>         coverages.  Bert told us that there is an old
>         style .translation file
>         for Spanish.  We can convert it to .po file, but not sure
>         again if we
>         should merge them to the site, as it might wipe out newly
>         translated
>         phrases.  Does anybody has good ideas how to proceed?
> Yoshiki, as you know, in LinEx we have all the strings translated for
> the etoys image (plus some other strings from some packages as drgeo,
> skeleton, etc.). Antonio Moreno has contacted with some of the etoys
> people, but the answers are not really clear about the way you want us
> to give you the translation.  Our current image is totally based on
> the current olpc image , with changesets added from us, but we have
> all the classes and objects the etoys image has, so if you give the
> exact way you want us to extract the translation you can have the
> spanish translation finished (and tested & checked) right now.
> About the newly translated phrases, if our image has been used and
> tested for several years, with teachers fixing translations when some
> mistake was found, what's the problem on wiping out newly translated
> phrases that has not been checked for so many people?
> Regards.
> José L.
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