[Etoys] QuickGuides as a *smaller* PDF file and as web pages

Ted Kaehler Ted at SqueakLand.org
Sun Jul 6 03:39:06 EDT 2008


	The PDF file containing all of the Etoys QuickGuides is now 
much smaller.  It is now only 4 mb instead of 22 mb thanks to a 
suggestion by Tim Falconer.  Having the QuickGuides in a single .pdf 
document allows you to download them all at once, print them, or copy 
them to other media.  Each guide occupies one page, so a single guide 
can be printed easily.
	Get the file from 

	As you know, when running Etoys you can click the Help icon 
at the upper left of the screen, you get a flap with the QuickGuides 
in it.  Each QuickGuide tells how to do something in Etoys.  Many of 
the guides contain live scripts and buttons.  Kathleen Harness is the 
author of these excellent guides.  Editorial oversight and technical 
assistance were provided by Kim Rose and Ted Kaehler.

	Besides being inside every copy of Etoys, the QuickGuides are 
also available as individual web pages at 
We have switched to using PNG files for the images, so each guide web 
page should load more quickly than before.


Ted Kaehler
Viewpoints Research Institute

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