[Etoys] DrGeo bundle with Language, please test

Korakurider korakurider at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 13:52:23 EST 2008

Hi, Hilaire

On Jan 31, 2008 6:44 AM, Hilaire Fernandes <hilaire at ofset.org> wrote:
> I have packed a new bundle with french and spanish .mo languages files.
> I don't have the right xo update with joyride, nor the machine here, to test.
> Can someone with latest joyride give a test to the bundle
> http://squeak.ofset.org/drgeo/DrGeoII-test.xo and try to switch to
> french and spanish?
   A couple of fixes were needed to start the activity successfully:
  **   chmod +x DrGeoII.sh
  **   in DrGeo.sh,

             args="$args $BUNDLE_PATH $SUGAR_BUNDLE_PATH"

      has to be:      (why you changed it from DrGeoII-3.xo?)

             args="$args BUNDLE_PATH $SUGAR_BUNDLE_PATH"

   And you forgot to put registration of TextDomain as I wrote?
   I could't find it in the project.

    Sorry I don't have time to fix them for you right now...


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