[Etoys] How can I export the .pot file for a class category?

Korakurider korakurider at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 04:22:10 EST 2008

On 1/30/08, Hilaire Fernandes <hilaire at ofset.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> Every option is fine for me.
> If someone with the granted access can just add nuder EToys the .pot
> files + updated fr.po and es.po, it will be fine for me.

Other thing for you to plan now is about repository for managing
POT/POs.  AFAIK all POs on Pootle including etoys are mangaed in git
of its belonging projects right now.  They said repositories other
than git could be integrated to Pootle,
while asking etoys team to host it on their git might be natural course :-)

I think Pootle can work without repository, but that means no version


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