[Etoys] etoys & Pootle (Re: Swedish translations for etoys)

Takashi Yamamiya tak at metatoys.org
Mon Jan 28 02:54:28 EST 2008

Hi Korakurider,

This is current work flow of etoys translation which I assume.

- A developer modifies translation keywords.
- New POT is updated in svn repository.
- New POT is copied to git (mkPootle).
- Pootle merges new POT automatically.

- A translator translates new keywords introduced by new POT.
- A translator checks fuzzy keywords modified by new POT.

- A language admin commits translation.
- POs are updated in git repository.
- POs are copied to svn (mkPootle), and MOs are built (Makefile).

On Jan 26, 2008 11:01 AM, Korakurider <korakurider at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, Sayamindu and Takashi.
>    And, Takashi, it seems we are in confusion right now:
>       POs on git are synchronized to older POT recently. see (2)
>       Import from Pootle failed this time. see (5)

Yes, when I updated the repository, Pootle didn't merge new POT
yet. but those are most up to date translations. Please don't worry
about the header too much.

> > You can ask me to schedule a git push (manually for all changed po
> > files) when you do a sync at your end. Do you want something like that
> > ?
>     I believe we need the way for developers to pull latest
> translations from Pootle to repository (or asking you to do it :-) .
> Pushing periodically would even make sense for etoys as we spitted
> repository into git for translators and svn for developers.
> But the decision up to Takashi (and etoys core developers).

I don't quite understand why you need latest translations on
Pootle. It could be inconsistent. Let's try the standard work flow of
Pootle at first.

> As a side note:
> With a sole Pootle, users can't know what has changed in translations
> /review or when POT merge was done, right?  Me thinks these
> capabilities are very important to run and manage translation project.
>  By synchronizing Pootle and repository more tightly, tracking would
> be easier...

In theory, if you use Quick Translate mode, you can trace new /
modified keywords introduced by new POT. But it doesn't work well in
etoys because there are too much untranslated keywords. I think we
should reduce the size of POT as much as possible.

> > Regarding POT merging, unfortunately I have not been able to this till
> > now - since it looks the PO files are too large for normal Pootle to
> > handle (the merge command took 100% CPU on the dual Opteron server for
> > 20 minutes before I killed it). I have spoken to the developers of
> > Pootle, and they suggested some optimizations which can be done
> > (certain extra Python modules need to be installed in the server) to
> > speed up the process. I'm trying to coordinate with the server admins
> > to do this. If nothing works out by the end of this week - I'll use
> > msgmerge manually from the command line to update the PO files.

Maybe I have to learn python to help Pootle developers...

- Takashi

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