[Etoys] Localization of Balloon Message.

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Wed Jan 23 16:38:25 EST 2008


> We are developing various activities  for the student of grade  2 and 
> grade 6.  As a instruction box  we are using balloon(tool tip). We can 
> display message with English text, however,  we are having problem to 
> display the message in Devanagari font. So, I would like to request for 
> any suggestion regarding the localization of  balloon message.

  We still don't have a solid mechanism to render devanagari as text,
but you can show any normally behaving morph as balloon content of
another morph.  So, like what you guys do with other text, using
graphical one is an option.

  Try a code snippet like this:

s := SketchMorph new form: ((Form extent: 100 at 100 depth: 16) fillColor: Color green).
m := Morph new.
m assureExtension balloonText: s
m openInWorld.

and if you mouse over to the blue Morph (m), you see a green rectangle
in the balloon help for it.

-- Yoshiki

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