[Etoys] Is there any Input Control in toys?

surendra surendra at olenepal.org
Tue Jan 22 04:29:32 EST 2008

Hi all,
 We are using TextMorph  as a input control. While using TextMorph we 
are facing following problems
1)When all the text of the control is deleted it does not retain  its 
font size.
2)While giving the input using TextMorph if we press "tab" it will 
display error message rather than switching to another input control.
3) If we press enter key  the cursor will move to the next line(carriage 
return). Is there any way to call our own method  when  the Enter key is 
Is there any other control which we can use to solve the above mention 

We are eagerly waiting for the responses.

Surendra Sedhai
Content Developer
*Open Learning Exchange*
Website: http://www.olenepal.org

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