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#5338: eToys Translation for Pootle
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Comment(by korakurider):

 >2. Are the template (POT) files updated on a periodic basis ? For the
 other modules > in Pootle, I have a cron job which does this. Does that
 script need to cover Etoys
 > as well ?

   If you mean extracting POT from source code, I think it doesn't need to
 for your part.  Until now the task has been processed as part of building
 etoys image for distribution when etoys team want to.  the extraction
 utility run on squeak itself.

 >1. Is there any way in which the PO files get modified out of Pootle ?
 >(since this may cause possible conflicts in Git, confusing Pootle)

   As discussed previously, etoys have two repository for POs now and those
 will be synchronized at *some* timing (details to be discussed):

   -- git integrated with Pootle, containing working copy for translators

   -- svn used for actual building for distribution

   (This is different from some of other products, whose master POs in git
 are directly updated from Pootle and also used for build)

   POT extraction (as part of build) occur in svn side so we want to merge
 it from svn to git.  But it seems we need to rethink about it to resolve
 the problem...

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