[Etoys] A new experimental version of OLPC image for non-XO environments

K. K. Subramaniam subbukk at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 00:18:04 EST 2008

On Wednesday 20 February 2008 3:34:55 am Milan Zimmermann wrote:

> Is the 3.9-12 you have a problem with basen on SVN code or something ... I
> would actually like to try install something later than Oct 2006 if just to
> test...
No. 3.9-12 is from the zip file. I cannot even get the binary to 
run 'squeak -version'. It collapses when it tries to load libc.so.6. Here is 
a simple test:
 $ unzip OLPC-Etoys080211.zip 3.9-12/squeak
 $ 3.9-12/squeak -version
  Floating point exception
 $ rm -f 3.9-12

The version compiled off the olpc/ branch (rev 1816) in svn runs fine on my 
 $ bld/squeak
 3.9-12 #1 Thu Feb 21 10:34:18 IST 2008 gcc 4.1.2
 Squeak3.9alpha of 4 July 2005 [latest update: #7021]


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