[Etoys] An experimental version of OLPC image for non-XO environments

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Mon Feb 4 03:10:12 EST 2008


> I played with the image a bit; it looks good and same as OLPC overall, is 
> there anything specific to try?

  The crucial thing would be the location where your projects will be
saved on various platforms, but to do a meaningful test, I need to
push another version anyway (sorry).

> Apart from the bar being color , the only  thing I noticed is this: When I 
> click "Help" (the "?" in the top menu bar) a list shows up (named EToys Quick 
> Guidec), but clicking on any of item (e.g. Object Catalog) yields no 
> response .

  I'll check.  It should show a guide in a flap.

  Thank you!

-- Yoshiki

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