[Etoys] Etoys font rendering

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Sat Feb 2 15:36:14 EST 2008

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> From: "Walter Bender" <walter at laptop.org>
> Date: February 2, 2008 19:30:19  GMT+01:00
> To: community-news at laptop.org
> Subject: OLPC News 2008-02-02
> Localization of OLPC for Afghanistan: Dr. Habib Khan reports that they
> have started localization of Etoys (a major project, as it contains
> 23,000+ strings). They have done some work in Urdu localization of
> Etoys and almost 1000 strings are translated into the Dari language.
> The next step is localization of Etoys ino Pashto.

... another reason to improve the font rendering in Etoys ASAP.

- Bert -

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