[Etoys] Etoy project in a Seaside image

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Sat Dec 20 08:13:23 EST 2008

On 20.12.2008, at 03:00, Chris Cunnington wrote:

> OK, I see that an Etoys project not being able to enter a Seaside  
> image is not relevant here.
> The way http://www.squeakland.org/launcher/?http://www.squeakland.org/content/articles/attach/Sun%20Earth%20Moon.001.pr 
>  and http://squeak.educarex.es:9090/seaside/SBSuperSwikiserve Etoys  
> are different. The former combines a project file like  
> Sun_Earth_Moon and some kind of JavaScript file. I can take the URL  
> used as the query parameter and download that project. Something in  
> the /launcher directory is making the handshake with the plugin on  
> my Mac. I guess that's where the JavaScript file is.
> educarex.es is using SS2. It's serving Etoys in a Seaside page.  
> Great. That's what I want. I want to make a page in Seaside, and put  
> in an Etoy as part of the page; not the whole page.
> So the way to make a Seaside page serving an Etoy is in SS2, in a  
> renderContentMethod: somewhere. And I keep saying I want to put an  
> Etoy in a window, not the whole page. Are Etoys fixed at 1024x768,  
> do they scale to the space they're in, can they be made smaller?
> OK, I found the method I need to examine.  
> SBSuperSwikiProjectLauncher>>renderContentOn: That seems to possess  
> what I need to learn how to put an Etoy in one of my Seaside images.  
> Again though, is 1024x768 the only size? I want an animation that is  
> part of the picture, not the whole picture.

The Squeak plugin will occupy whatever room you give it on the page.  
I's just like any other plugin.

- Bert -

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