[Etoys] Translation on traditional chinese

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Mon Dec 8 22:03:57 EST 2008


  Sorry for taking so long to get started, but here is the steps to
try an experimental Traditional Chinese version I did today:

  - Start from etoys ver. 4.0 or, 3.1.  Download the dev image from:

  - Download the bitmap fonts made from the taipei fonts:

    and place the .out file at the same directory as the .image file.

  - File in the attached change set into the image.

  - Execute the following do it:

	LanguageEnvironment resetKnownEnvironments.

	StrikeFontSet installExternalFontFileName6: 'uTraditionalChineseFont.out' encoding: TraditionalChineseEnvironment leadingChar encodingName: #TraditionalChinese textStyleName: #DefaultMultiStyle.

	NaturalLanguageTranslator translators at: (LocaleID isoString: 'zh-tw') put: (InternalTranslator new localeID: (LocaleID isoString: 'zh-tw')).

  - You should see "Chinese (TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA)" in the
    language menu.  Choose it.

  - Type some Chinese text into some text areas.

  The minimum size is 16 pixels high, so it doesn't match well with
the smaller fonts in Squeak.  However, It seems fine for 12 points
Accuny or such.

-- Yoshiki
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