[Etoys] Botsinc free

Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas offray.luna at javeriana.edu.co
Thu Dec 4 14:59:35 EST 2008

Hi Steph,

stephane ducasse escribió:
> Hi all
> I'm happy to announce that my book BotsInc http://smallwiki.unibe.ch/botsinc 
>   will be free soon (in fact it is since 23 september).
> I would like to thank ESUG http://www.esug.org for supporting  
> financially the buying of the book rights and giving the book to the
> kid world.
> A catalan version will be available really soon thanks to jordi delgado!
> 	(Yes the french were not the first this time... We were the first for  
> the etoy book and squeak by example. :))
> If you want to participate to a translation please contact me. I will  
> be setting up soon an infrastructure
> to support any language translation.
> Stef

Thats one of the best news I had got. My translation project is frozen 
and may be it will be for a while, because other projects need my 
attention right now, but having the proper license is a good step 
towards a community constitution and you and other  authors are making a 
big effort giving us proper artifacts for supporting the dynamics of a 
learners community with thins like this or Squeak By Example.

Thanks a lot,


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