[Etoys] Unable to select Pin morph when partially embedded within another morph

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Wed Dec 3 06:22:52 EST 2008

On 03.12.2008, at 06:33, Sven Crouse wrote:

> Hi.  A current Etoys image prevents me from being able to move or
> activate halo of aPin ( of Connectors ) embedded in a aMorph when aPin
> is at least some portion outside the right side of bounding box of
> aMorph.  To achieve
> 1-embed aPin in, for example, aRectangle
> 2-resize aRectangle so bounding box has some portion of aPin on  
> outside
> ( right side )

Thanks. Can you report that on our bug tracker?


> I would like to use current Etoys within Squeak, what vm and image are
> recommended ?

Etoys is inseparable from Squeak. Use the Etoys image, and the latest  
VM. Do not use recent squeak.org releases, which are  known to ship  
with broken Etoys.

You can access all Squeak tools from the Etoys image, they are just  
hidden to not distract novice users. Press alt+shift+w to access the  
full world menu. A simplified version of that menu pops up when you  
press the view-source key on an XO (or alt+, on another machine).

There is also a development image, see


User images are created from the developer image by setting some  
preferences and preloading content but are otherwise the same.

- Bert -

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