[Etoys] rendering devanagari

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Fri Apr 11 14:19:22 EDT 2008


> I was wondering if the chances of proper rendering have increased for
> Devanagari in the last couple of months? The last post on the subject
> I managed to fish from the archives was from December, and I believe
> someone (Yoshiki?) was working on it at the time. What are the issues
> at the moment?

  A bit of increase, yes.  Updates #1932 through #1934 have support
for text rendering by Pango.  It works in some cases but needs some
more fixes.

  To try:

  - Fully update your etoys-3.0.image.
  - Make sure that VM is later than squeakvm3.9-12olpc5 (or something like that). 
  - Open a TextMorph (or UserText), and get an inspector for
    it. (Don't try it something in a SystemWindow like Workspace.) 
  - In the inspector, try something like (this is greek range):

       self contents: (String newFrom: (16r386 to: 16r38F) collect: [:i | (Character value: i)]).

  - In the same inspector, try:

       self usePango: true.

  - Click or move the text to cause redrawing.

  - Possibly, select the text, get the Change font menu from halo and
    say 'external font'.  I can't tell top of my head that what would
    be the appropriate font name for Devanagari, but if you're lucky
    (such as have a font, Pango has the engine, etc.)
    it would render it.

-- Yoshiki

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